BrandEnergie is more than just a philosophy, it's the driving force behind all our projects. It's the real power bringing commercial success to a brand.

About Us

Rayner’s mission is about maximising business performance for our clients through branding, design, communications and event marketing.

Based in London, with international experience and worldwide capabilities, Rayner International offers tailored solutions to suit every stage of the brand life cycle. A multi-disciplined and comprehensive approach allows us to engineer a brand to maximise its full potential. In this, Rayner’s philosophy is as simple as it is smart, down to earth and inspired; we bring about meaningful transformation to brands and create brand distinction through commercial logic, creativity and a real understanding of our clients’ goals and expectations.

We find inspiration in the simple and the extraordinary, in our individual and collective experiences, in different world cultures and new lifestyle trends.

Rayner International also has a strong reputation within the Russian and CIS markets, working with some of the biggest retailers, service providers and corporate companies in these countries. This reputation has been built on the strength of our international knowledge and expertise.